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Title: WEEK 2
Post by: Rated-R Superstar on September 09, 2007, 05:48:04 pm

King- hello people today is a new fresh night for Monday Night Warzone

JR- Yes folks and today we are going to have Randy Orton Vs. HBK

King- Yes and i am looking forward to this match because both superstars are good athletes and Wrestlers

JR- Well they sure are because last week HBK beat Mr.Kennedy in a really tough match

King- Don't forget about Randy Orton who had a tough match with Triple H that he ended up losing!

King- Also JR don't forget about our Main Event for Today

JR- and what is that King

King- That is Mr.Kennedy Vs. Triple H

Jr- Oh this match is going to be intersting

King- This match wont be interesting it will be far more then interesting you know

Jr- That is true but is Mr. Kennedy gonna be able to beat Triple H

King- and why is that

Jr- because last week Mr. Kennedy lost to HBK

King- Oh yea Jr you got a point there because last week Triple H beat The legend killer

Jr- Exactly that looks pretty hard for both competitors though!

King- Okay with the talking already lets continue on with our first match this night

Jr- you are right king i almost forgot about the match!