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News: Hello people we just need some more people to start our E-FED!

So then please advertise this E-FED!
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1  General Info. / TEW Info! / Re: WRITERS!!!!! on: December 29, 2007, 05:48:02 pm
2  General Info. / Please move to this E-FED / join the new and impoved E-FED on: September 30, 2007, 04:47:22 pm
hey can you leave this efed and join to this efed please (THE NEW ONE)
and also please apply again! for wat superstar you want to be (WWE stars only)
3  General Info. / Looking For Writers! / Writers on: September 29, 2007, 09:12:03 am
Okay so if ny of the members backstage want to be a writer then you have to.

write me a match-
singles match!

Superstar name-

And i only need 2 writers right now please PPV's will be done by me and Warzone and FightZone i need writers for!

4  Tuesday night FightZone! / FightZones! Role-Playing / Re: Morrison Challange on: September 13, 2007, 05:42:18 pm
Paul Heymans music hits the Arena*

He come in the ring and asks for a mic from the announcer!

Heyman- hey Morrison u want a CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!

Heyman rubs his chin....

Heyman- you know what you RE NOT GETTING ONE!

HEYMAN- you know why because you havent proved your that extreme you havent proved your that **** yet!

Heyman- and when you become xtreme and **** then i will be willing to give you a championship match!

Heymans music hits again*

heyman leaves the ring!
5  Monday Night Warzone / Monday Night Warzones Results! / WEEK 2 on: September 09, 2007, 05:48:04 pm

King- hello people today is a new fresh night for Monday Night Warzone

JR- Yes folks and today we are going to have Randy Orton Vs. HBK

King- Yes and i am looking forward to this match because both superstars are good athletes and Wrestlers

JR- Well they sure are because last week HBK beat Mr.Kennedy in a really tough match

King- Don't forget about Randy Orton who had a tough match with Triple H that he ended up losing!

King- Also JR don't forget about our Main Event for Today

JR- and what is that King

King- That is Mr.Kennedy Vs. Triple H

Jr- Oh this match is going to be intersting

King- This match wont be interesting it will be far more then interesting you know

Jr- That is true but is Mr. Kennedy gonna be able to beat Triple H

King- and why is that

Jr- because last week Mr. Kennedy lost to HBK

King- Oh yea Jr you got a point there because last week Triple H beat The legend killer

Jr- Exactly that looks pretty hard for both competitors though!

King- Okay with the talking already lets continue on with our first match this night

Jr- you are right king i almost forgot about the match!

6  Sign up! / Drafting Superstars / How To Get Drafted To Another Brand on: September 09, 2007, 05:19:20 pm

Your Name-

What Show you want to draft to-

7  Sign up! / Apply For A tag team / How To Apply For A Tag-Team Partner on: September 09, 2007, 05:16:09 pm

Your Name-              Partner(s) Name-

Team Name-             

The Show Your On-               Partner(s) Show-
8  General Info. / What Else Does This E-FED Need / Re: Cruiserweight Title on: September 09, 2007, 05:11:04 pm
true but ill keep it like that for a while!
9  Sign up! / Apply for a Superstar / Re: John Morrison Contract on: September 09, 2007, 04:50:16 pm
youre accepted on Fightzone!
10  Monday Night Warzone / Monday Night Warzones Results! / Re: WEEK 1 on: September 07, 2007, 04:22:48 pm

JR- i am really looking forward to this main-event!

Lalwer- so am I!

Orton's Music Hits The Arena*

Tony:The Following contest is scheduled for one-fall. Making his way to the ring from High Ridge,Missouri  weighing in at 245  pounds Randy Orton

JR- Oh look the legend killer is coming

Lawler- yea lets see how this match goes!

Orton walks up the steel steps and gets in the ring then waits for his opponent

Triple H's Music Hits The Arena*

Tony:And his opponent from Greenwich,Connecticut,Weighing in at 260 Pounds, Triple H

HHH comes to the ramp with his water bottle!

JR- oh this looks like a tough match

Lawler- It sure does JR

HHH drinks the water and throws it to the crowd!

HHH comes in in the ring by the ropes and does his pose!

Orton comes from the back and hits him!

Lawler- I think the match has just started

JR- Yea and this match has just had an brutal start!

HHH drops on the ground then Orton comes for him and Punches him and picks him up!

JR- Oh did you just see that punch Lawler

Lawler- well sure i did and it was really hurtful

Orton rolls him in the ring then he gets in the ring!

Orton makes HHH run to the turnbuckles and goes for a clothesline but HHH moves from the way and Kicks Orton in the feet and he drops on the ground

JR- i think its time for HHH to give a beating to Orton now!

Lawler- Well i think to its Payback time

HHH gives a kick to Orton in the stomach and picks him up and goes for a DDT

Then Orton is down

JR- oh my god that was painful

Lawler- i think that was way more then painful JR

HHH trys to pin Orton but he puts his hand on the ropes

HHH makes Orton run then he gives Orton a spinebuster!

JR- HHH is just Dominating Orton

Lawler- yea i know it looks so bad

The HHH picks up Orton and gives puts him in a pedigree and gives him one!

Orton Starts bleeding!

JR- oh my god this is really getting bad

Lawler- Yea especially Orton Bleeding

HHH Pins Orton 1......2.................................3

The crowd cheers louder and louder for the winner

JR- i think we have our self's a winner

Lawler- Yea i kno and this was a really tough match for both competitors!

Jr- Yea that was it folks

Lawler- Stay tune for more Next Week till then Good-Bye!

11  General Info. / Problems or any Question! / Re: how do u find out what matches ur in? on: September 07, 2007, 03:46:53 pm
i will pm you or i will post them!
12  Monday Night Warzone / Monday Night Warzones Results! / Re: WEEK 1 on: September 04, 2007, 03:38:39 pm

Kennedy's Music Hits the Arena*

Tony:The Following contest is scheduled for one-fall. Making his way to the ring from Minneapolis, Minnesota weighing in at 247 pounds Mr.Kennedy

JR- Look its kennedy

Lawler- Oh yea lets see what action they give us today!

Kennedy runs in the ring a right away grabs the MIC from Tony and says

Kennedy- Hey Tony you know how dumb you looked when said my name oh my god it was awful!

Lawler- Oh That Was Pretty Harsh!

JR- That was how he was just making fun of him!

Crowd boos kennedy

Kennedy- Ill teach you how to do it just watch and learn!

Lawler- Oh lets see from the Pro

Kennedy- i come from Minneapolis, Minnesota weighing in at 247 MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.KKKEEENNNEEEDDDDDYYYYYY!!!! Kennedy!!!!!!

JR- That was nice!

Mr.Kennedy Drops the Mic and waits for his opponent!

Crowd still boos kennedy!

HBK's Music hits the Arena*

Tony:And his opponent from San Antonio, Texas ,Weighing in at 225 Pounds, Shawn Micheal's!

JR- Oh looks it the heart break kid!

Lawler- Yeah i know lets see what these to are going to put on tonight!

HBK gets in the ring with everybody cheering for him

HBK Trys to cheer up the fans but from the back Kennedy comes and hits him!

Lawler- oh i think the match has just started

JR- Yeah look at what Kennedy just did

Kennedy takes him by the turnbuckles makes him sit down and gives him a kick to the face and chest!!!

JR- I think i know who's gonna win the match

Lawler- you do, just forget about you always say that!

Kennedy picks hbk and and gives him a clothesline from the turnbuckles!
Kennedy trys it a  second time but HBK moves and punches him from the back!
Kennedy falls on the ground!

JR- Now its HBK's turn

Lawler- Actually its Payback time for him

HBK puts Kennedy in a headlock Kennedy punches HBK in the stomach then trys to punch HBK but HBK moves and kicks him and gives him a DDT!

JR- oh my god i was thinking Kennedy almost got him there

Lawler- Well sure he did you know how Athletic HBK is!

HBK try's to pin Kennedy 1..2... Kennedy puts his leg on the rope!

JR- I was thinking HBK was going to win!

HBK does his sweet chin music stomps by the turnbuckle
Kennedy gets up HBK trys to kick him but he moves and HBK hits the REF!!!!!!!
Kennedy does a snap DDT to HBK then Kennedy goes and gets a chair!

JR- Oh my god what is kennedy doing!

Lawler- he is getting a chair to hit HBK because the ref is down he is taking advantage of his time JR!

Kennedy waits for HBK to get up but try's to hit HBK but HBK moves and gives Kennedy a SWEET CHIN MUSIC!

HBK takes the chair and throws it out and wakes up the referee!!

Lawler- Of what a counter

JR- I thought Kennedy was about to hit him

The Ref gets up and HBK pins Kennedy 1.......2..............3.


13  PPV / PPV Results / PPV on: September 03, 2007, 07:15:07 pm
The first TEW PPV will be on September 23

14  Monday Night Warzone / Monday Night Warzones Results! / Re: WEEK 1 on: September 03, 2007, 06:17:45 pm

Melina's Music Hits the arena*     

Lawler- I was looking forward to this Cat fight you know

JR- Oh look its Melina!

Tony:The Following contest is scheduled for one-fall. Making her way to the ring from Los Angeles weighing in at 122 pounds MELINA

Lawler- Whats wrong with her why is she so Mad for

JR- you never know Lawler you never know what happens!

She walks in the ring in a mad face and takes the Mic from tony and says

Melina- Vince i am the top diva in the Warzone roster how can you make me wrestle with a weak **** she does not even
know how to wrestle!

JR- Oh my god she just called Maria a ****

Lawler- Well she did!

Maria's Music Hits The Arena*

Tony:And his opponent from Ottawa,Illinois ,Weighing in at 120 Pounds, Maria

JR- Oh No Maria is coming!

She walks in by shaking her fans hands and she goes by the announcer table and takes a mic and comes in from behind the ring!

Maria- Melina You could be right you know!

Lawler- WHAT!

Melina- What do you think i could be right you know i am right!

JR- Well Melina Sounds Tough!

Maria- Umm..Then if i am a **** that cant wrestle then why does the crowd cheer for me not yo is it because how good i look or how strong i am!

Lawler- That is true you know JR!

Melina- you aint strong and you're not even good looking

Maria-ummm... so thats how it is huh!

MARIA gives a punch  to Melina in the face! Maria then takes melina to the turnbuckles and punches her stomach 5 times!

Jr- Oh look Maria Just Gave a punch to Melina IN THE FACE!

Lawer- well not shes giving Punches Non-Stop!

Melina get up a counters with a Punch To The eye

Lawler- its Payback time

Melina Takes Maria in a DDT

JR-Oh no This could end the match right now!

Melina Pins Maria

The Ref Counts 1....2......Maria puts her hand up!

Lawler- Oh that was scary there you know JR

JR- Well sure that was because what just Melina did was just harmful!

Melina try's to pick up maria but maria punches Melina in the stomach!

Lawler- Oh no Maria is getting Melina back with her punches!

Maria Kicks Melina and takes her in a Running Bulldog!

JR- Oh no this is intersting

Then Maria Takes Melina in a pin

The REF counts.....1...2..3

Maria wins the match

Lawler-Oh no Maria actually won!!

JR- well anyone can win in this platform in the TEW!

Lawler-Well folks stay tune for the next match HBK vs. Mr.Kennedy!

JR- Till Then take a break!
15  Monday Night Warzone / Monday Night Warzones Results! / WEEK 1 on: September 03, 2007, 04:37:17 pm

*WARZONES music hits the arena of Madison Square Garden*

The Crowd is cheering- TEW,TEW Rulez!

*Vince Mcmahons Music Hits*

Vince goes to the announcers table and takes a MIC!

He comes in the ring and says

Vince- HELLO! people today is the first night for TEW wrestling! you guys know how you guys make TEW shine so Cheer for me  your TEW GM!

The crowd boos vince

Vince- come on you can do better then that okay you know what let me introduce to you the commentators of Monday night Warzone!  Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

Lawler and JR stand up and the crowd cheers for them!

Vince- Yeah go on Cheer for the commentators

Crowd keeps on cheering!

Vince- Today at the first night of TEW we will have 3 matches that we will be starting off with!

Vince- The first one is Maria Vs. Melina

The crowd starts cheering again!

Vince- The second match will be MRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.KENNNNNNNEDDDYYY vs. The Heart Break Shawn Micheals

The Crowd keeps on cheering!

Vince- And The Main Event for this night will be The Legend Killer Randy Orton Vs. The King of Kings Triple H!

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